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S&H Athletics stuns, poised to win multiple titles

New York, NY - CFDA-Award winning designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos recently launched an authentic men's clothing brand, S&H Athletics, which broke onto the circuit in Spring 14 with unmistakable authority. Inspired by nostalgic athletic style and designed for not-so-professional athletes everywhere, the brand celebrates "all sorts of sports".

With a solid offering of graphic tees, sweats, varsity jackets, and polos, S&H Athletics is built for long-term success. Sources close to the team have even hinted at a potential dynasty in the making. Shipley agrees, "We didn't launch to win one championship, not two, not twelve, not thirty six.".

Fans of the brand can shop the collection at fine retailers fine retailers globally as well as on the company's e-commerce website. When asked about what to expect from S&H Athletics down the road, Shipley is quick to comment, "We're not thinking about the next season right now, just taking this one garment at a time. When you win as much as we do, keeping the team focused is our top priority.".

Knowing full well that consistent customer satisfaction is earned, not given, Team S&H prepares each and every garment with the following contents:

Posed with the question about the brand's ability to give 110% 100% of the time, Halmos provided a rare moment of reflection, "We are who we are. It is what it is.".
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